shit, sorry again

i am an asshole huh?
anyway, i now have everything taken care of... in the new place, FINALLY got cable modem... it only took 2 months and a guy falling thru the ceiling in our garage. and i now have my car fixed... THANK GOD!!! i haven't had it for about 4 months... it needed a new clutch and they are fucking EXPENSIVE man... anyway, i am good to go and i'll prolly come visit some of you terre haute fuckers the next time i have a weekend day off... which isn't this weekend, but prolly next. anyway... love you all

i'm sorry to anyone that still cares

i just moved to my new apartment... if anyone cares i will give out my new number... just email me and i will give it to you. i haven't been able to leave bloomington for about 4 months because my car has been broken... the last time i was able to make it to THC was for a funeral and i really didn't want to hang out w/ anyone then so... but if anyone still wants to see me or anything, drop me a line and we'll arrange something. i still love you all and miss you greatly so, it would be greatly appreciated! love lots,

la la la

hello everyone,
i have been sooo busy lately... i've had to cut out some sleep to make time for everything... i hate school sometimes. anyway i miss everyone and hopefully, when i don't have to be writing a paper all weekend or working or something then i will have a minute to go visit all my homies... anyway if you didn't all know, i love you... even tho i don't get to see you much. :)
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    none... i'm hanging out at a campus hacking station

better late than never

sorry about the never updating thing... i don't have a whole lot of free time... and when i do i'm not usually at a computer, either that or amanda won't get off of it :) i just got done with classes for the day, i had a test in my bio class... i am hoping for the best. i studied an assload last nite so i should be ok. i don't really know whats goin on this weekend, but saterday nite we are having a huge party for james' birthday at the crackhouse and that will be the shit. other than that, no news to report. sorry guys, i'm boring!

sittin on the dock of the bay....

i'm hanging out here at the career development center. waiting for people... just got done with scuba and i feel extremely tired and much like i would expect a drowned rat to feel... we can't located angie... hmm i wonder where she is??? well... i think i am gonna do some reading for english and mabey take a kat-nap... ahhh the life of a college student! i am being ushered out now so bye bye...

weeeell... dave is a bitch, he's a big fat bitch...

hehe j/k dave... i just thought since you were the one that inspired me to update i should include your name in the title... anyway... i'm hanging out in indy with my boyzz... um, i got un-fucking-believably lost on the way here... work sucks... and um im going to see my mommy tomorrow and those of you that are lucky enough and living in thc might just get to see me too... i guess thats about all i have to say.. and brian is choking me so bye.


maybe i am thinking too much
i am sure that you would be of the same opinion
this is the way it has always been for me.

think with my heart...
the only people to whom the feelings of my heart have any importance are you and i.
in this space we inhabit,
this game we play,
my role is clear to me.

my mind tells me what my heart says is wrong
to keep myself afloat,
my head above water,
to keep my life livable,
i must be logical.

i cannot afford to follow my heart.
so, as in war, i must make a sacrifice for the greater good.
i must sacrifice one small thing,
the desires of my heart,
to keep everything safe.

in this way, i really am following my heart.
i would give up every chance of happiness for the rest of my life to appease the longing for happiness in those that i love.

this i feel with my heart.
this i know in my head.
this i know.

so if these are instincts of my heart,
then i guess i'm not romantic
i guess i'm just logical and uninteresting.
so following my heart doesn't mean much to you anyway.