February 4th, 2002

ahh... waiting is the hardest part!!!

hey everyone,
i'm just hanging out waiting for my next class to start. i have a test in it today and i'm ready for it and all i just have to wait for it to start.... this makes me veddy anxious. i wanna take it now so i can be done for the day. sorry to everyone for the display of drama on my last update... thanks to everyone who was concerned... special thanks to everyone who expressed it and tried to make me feel better (even if you didn't think you helped at all, dave) i'm lots better now.... mmmm i can smell coffee.... i would go buy a cup but, my tummy isn't being very agreeable this morning... its too bad i have the tummy of an 85 year old woman. oh well another day... another cup of coffee (or three!) oh yeah and also i'm sick as fuck and everytime i cough it feels like my lungs are gonna explode... but other than that i'm having a really good day and i feel FANTASTIC!! love to all!
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